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HyperNet Ring Demo

Hello GENI index Hello GENI index Hello GENI index


  • 0. Get your user credential, including omni_config file, a .pem file in ~/.ssl/ folder, a key pair in ~/.ssh/ folder
    • 0.1. To get those files, log on to GENI Portal, download under your user profile, then run following instructions on
    • 0.2. Note: you do not need to install omni to do this, just need to download "" from somewhere...
  • 1. Download the Ring HyperNet application from, distract it to any directory on your local machine
  • 2. In the HyperNet folder ("exampleRing/"), edit myConfig.txt so that "userCredential" points to the correct omni_config file
  • 3. Double-click exampleRing.jar to create your topology!


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