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    11=  GEMINI v1.1 Definition =
    3 Based on GEMINI design review on 9/28, the GEMINI plan to produce v1.1 between now and GEC14 is this:
     3Based on GEMINI design reviews on 9/28 and 10/5, the GEMINI release v1.1 to be released at GEC15 is defined to include:
    5  a)  Focus on GEMINI  tools that include primarily existing LAMP and INSTOOLS modules, to provide (respectively) active network and passive host measurements.
     5 a)  Continue to support GEMINI tools in v1.0 that are based on LAMP and INSTOOLS modules, to provide (respectively) active network and passive host measurements.
    7  b)  Postpone the testing and integration of the new GEMINI architecture until after GEC14 (since there is no chance that it could be useful by GEC14);  complete and integrate it later,  at a time TBD.
     7 b)  Introduce the new GEMINI architecture with the BLiPP Measurement Point and the Measurement Store (MS) modules, to provide an alternate way to gather passive host measurements.
     9 c)  Use the current rspec extension approach to load and enable tools on nodes:  active network measurements (Lamp modules), Type-1 passive host measurements (INSTOOLS modules) and Type-2 passive host measurements (BLiPP and MS modules).
     11 d)  Use Periscope installed on GN to observe Type-2 passive host measurements.
     13 e)  Include NewUNIS operational service (IU) for use with BLiPP and MS modules;  retain OldUNIS operational service (IU) to support legacy modules;  modify instrumentation script to push configuration data to both OldUNIS and NewUNIS.
     15 f)  Introduce flexible authentication and authorization
    917 c)  Focus on target aggregates including protoGENI sites (e.g., Utah) and InstaGENI racks.