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GEMINI v1.1 Definition

Based on GEMINI design review on 9/28, the GEMINI plan to produce v1.1 between now and GEC14 is this:

a) Focus on GEMINI tools that include primarily existing LAMP and INSTOOLS modules, to provide (respectively) active network and passive host measurements.

b) Postpone the testing and integration of the new GEMINI architecture until after GEC14 (since there is no chance that it could be useful by GEC14); complete and integrate it later, at a time TBD.

c) Focus on target aggregates including protoGENI sites (e.g., Utah) and InstaGENI racks.

d) Use the GENI AM API and ssh as the principal interfaces to the aggregates

e) Use OMNI to drive the GENI AM API, and write scripts to install software packages and configure the tools, where the scripts will run in the defined “user workspace”.

f) Include these operational services: Old UNIS (Delaware to IU); LAMP CA (Delaware to IU); Portal (UK); iRODS (UK)

g) Integrate tools so that user can ask for active network and/or passive host measurements, in a unified manner.

h) Aim for “providing usable tools” to users, to be presented in a tutorial at GEC14. (content of tutorial TBD)