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This page has links and information for folks who are presenting demos at GEC 12.

Please add materials from the demos (slides, screenshots, PDFs of posters, etc) to the GEC 12 demo info page.

Shipping information

If you want to mail/ship anything demo-related to the conference, send it to:

UMKC Student Union
Attn: Jody Jeffries (GEC12)
5100 Cherry Street
Kansas City, Missouri 64110

Anything that you ship, you can pick up from Jody Jeffries; his office is in Room 310 in the Student Union Building (one floor down from the room where the demo session will be held), and you can also reach him at +1.816.235.1086 or

If you need to ship anything that would need to be delivered to (or picked up from) a loading dock, please contact to make the necessary arrangements for receiving and storage.


If you need to print out posters or other supporting materials, there are a few options.

Near the hotel (map):

FedEx Office Print & Ship Center
1111 Main St #111
Kansas City MO 64105

Hours: Mon - Fri 07:00 - 19:00

Near the demo site at UMKC (map):

FedEx Office at the Plaza
612 West 47th Street
Kansas City MO 64112


Contact information

Josh Smift from the GPO is organizing the demo session; his cell phone number is +1.626.524.8864.