The GEC 12 presenter info page has links and information for folks who are presenting demos at GEC 12.

The GEC 12 demo info page has more information about the demos.

The demo session will be at the Student Union at the UMKC Volker campus, a map of which is attached to this page. Shuttle buses will be available between the hotel and the demo site:

  • Leaving the hotel for the demo session at UMKC:
    • 15:30 - one bus for demo presenters who need to set up
    • 17:00 - three buses
    • 17:15 - one bus
    • 17:25 - final bus before the demo session
  • Leaving UMKC for the hotel:
    • 19:00 - one bus
    • 19:30 - two buses
    • 19:45 - two buses, final buses for non-presenters
    • 20:15 - one bus for demo presenters who need to wrap up

If you need to drive to the demo site, you'll need a parking permit. If you requested one from, ask Lux to give you the permit when you get your registration packet. There are a few extras in case you forgot to ask--first come first served.

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