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Control Framework Working Group Session at GEC4

Agenda for Wednesday, April 1, 3:30pm - 5:30pm

3:30 pm Welcome from WG Chairs (10 min) Larry Peterson and John Wroclawski

*Review and discussion of RSpecs in GENI (30 min) Organized by Larry


*Review and discussion of Security Architecture for GENI (30 min)Organized by John Wroclawski

A good reference for this review and discussion is the current DRAFT of a security architecture for GENI, now available at -0.3.doc

*Wrapup and review of action items (10 min) Harry Mussman, CF WG Systems Engineer

Meeting Minutes - Harry Mussman, GPO

Agenda - John Wroclawski, WG Chair
SE Report - Harry Mussman, GPO

We hope to see you all in Miami!

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