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    2222We expect this to be a participatory session with Q&A during and after each talk as well as an open discussion, time permitting, at the end of the session.
     24== Summary ==
     26The session consisted of a short intro by Marshall about the nature of the GGF (GENI Going Forward) awards and the part of transition it covers (technical rather than governance). Then we had a series of short presentations providing details of specific GGF awards:
     28 * Ilya Baldin of RENCI talked about procedures and plans for ongoing maintenance of ExoGENI racks
     29 * Marianne Chitwood of Indiana University taliked about the role of GMOC in managing the operational network
     30 * Jim Griffieon of University of Kentucky discussed plans to operate the GENI Portal, Clearinghouse and Identity provider as well as the GENI Desktop Services
     31 * Rob Ricci talked about procedures and plans for ongoing maintenance of InstaGENI racks
     32 * Eric Boyd discussed near-term plans at Internet2 for replacing the current implementation with a non-SDN core network and an SDN overlay
     33 * Violet Syrotiuk of Arizona State University discussed her plans to support tutorials, summer camps and other outreach and educational thrusts within the GENI community
     34 * Joe Mambretti of ICAIR and Russ Clark of GA Tech talked about current state and plans for SDX (Software-defined Exchanges) within GENI and linking GENI to other peer networks