GEC24 Preparing GENI For Transition

This is a session for the GENI community to become familiar with the GENI Going Forward solicitation awards as they reflect new roles and responsibilities of organizations with respect to transition of GENI management responsibilities from the GPO the the community.

Session Leaders

  • Rob Ricci, University of Utah
  • Ilya Baldin, RENCI
  • Marianne Chitwood, University of Indiana
  • Jim Griffieon, University of Kentucky
  • Eric Boyd, Internet2
  • Violet Syrotiuk, Arizona State University
  • Joe Mamberetti, ICAIR
  • Russ Clark, Georgia Tech

Agenda / Details

This session will consist of a series of relatively short presentations by each presenter in which they describe the scope of their GGF (GENI Going Forward) award and the new responsibilities they are taking over from the GPO and the timeframe and nature of the transition.

We expect this to be a participatory session with Q&A during and after each talk as well as an open discussion, time permitting, at the end of the session.


The session consisted of a short intro by Marshall about the nature of the GGF (GENI Going Forward) awards and the part of transition it covers (technical rather than governance). Then we had a series of short presentations providing details of specific GGF awards:

  • Ilya Baldin of RENCI talked about procedures and plans for ongoing maintenance of ExoGENI racks
  • Marianne Chitwood of Indiana University taliked about the role of GMOC in managing the operational network
  • Jim Griffieon of University of Kentucky discussed plans to operate the GENI Portal, Clearinghouse and Identity provider as well as the GENI Desktop Services
  • Rob Ricci talked about procedures and plans for ongoing maintenance of InstaGENI racks
  • Eric Boyd discussed near-term plans at Internet2 for replacing the current implementation with a non-SDN core network and an SDN overlay
  • Violet Syrotiuk of Arizona State University discussed her plans to support tutorials, summer camps and other outreach and educational thrusts within the GENI community
  • Joe Mambretti of ICAIR and Russ Clark of GA Tech talked about current state and plans for SDX (Software-defined Exchanges) within GENI and linking GENI to other peer networks
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