Introduction to GENI WiMAX


Wednesday 4:00pm - 5:30pm

Session Leaders

Fraida Fund, Thanasis Korakis (Polytechnic Institute of NYU)

Tutorial Instructors
Fraida Fund
Ivan Seskar
Abhimanyu Gosain
Raytheon BBN

If you have any questions or comments before/after the tutorial, please find one of us!

Agenda / Details

Learn how to design and run an OMF experiment using WiFi and WiMAX links, what configuration options are available on a GENI WiMAX base station, and how to push data from a WiMAX experiment to iRODS for visualization.

Tutorial Experiments

At the beginning of the tutorial, please go see one of the students at the front of the room to find out what account to use.

Once you are set up with an account, visit the tutorial site to start.

Where do I go from here?

If you're ready to try using WiMAX in your own research, you can get more information here: Beginning WiMAX Experiments

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