Scaling Up: How to Grow the Topology of an Existing Experiment

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4. Configure and Initialize

Now that you have reserved your resources, you are ready to test network connectivity.

4.1 Login to nodes

  1. Log into one of the host nodes (e.g. host-1) using ssh.

5. Execute Experiment

5.1 Test connectivity

Verify the IP connectivity between the nodes.

  1. Ping various nodes shown in the picture.

5.2 Configure Server Node using a Configuration Management System (optional)

  1. Using the Ansible configuration management system, configure the server node and test connectivity within the whole topology by following the steps in the Appendix

6. Analyze Experiment

Now is when you would ordinarily analyze the results of your experiment.

6.1 Logout of your nodes

  • Then type exit in your open terminal.


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