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Scaling Up: How to Grow the Topology of an Existing Experiment

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1. Design the Experiment

  1. In today's experiment you will use resources at the aggregate listed on the worksheet. If you don't have a worksheet use Clemson InstaGENI (aka

2. Establish the Environment

2.1 Pre-work: Install geni-lib

  1. Install the geni-lib tool using the installation instructions for your operating system.

3. Obtain Resources

Now that you are a member of a project, you can create a slice and reserve resources.

3.1 Generate RSpec based on existing smaller topology

  1. This experiment already works using this [small topology]. Load (but do not reserve) this topology in your favorite editor to see what it looks like.
  2. Download this [config file] for the scaleup tool distributed with geni-lib.
  3. Open the file using your favorite text editor (vi or emacs). Replace X with the value on your worksheet. If you are doing this outside a tutorial, replace X with 1.
  4. Run the rspec_gen script on the configuration file:
    ./ -r site.txt
  5. Look at the generated file using your favorite tools (less, more, emacs, vi).
    1. Can you find each node? Can you find the router node? The host nodes?
  6. Load the RSpec in your favorite tool. Find the shared VLAN (it usually looks like a link with only one end point).
    1. Change the IP address of the shared VLAN to be 10.100.Y.X where Y and X are provided on your worksheet.
    2. Save this RSpec.
  7. Bind the Site to the aggregate listed on your worksheet.
  8. Reserve the resources
For example, in the following snippet, the `scalingup` shared VLAN is on interface `rt-1:if3`:
  <link client_id="lan2">
    <interface_ref client_id="rt-1:if3"/>
    <link_type name="lan"/>
    <sharedvlan:link_shared_vlan name="scalingup"/>

The corresponding interface section originally looks like:
    <interface client_id="rt-1:if3">
      <ip address="" netmask="" type="ipv4"/>

But will be modified to look like:
    <interface client_id="rt-1:if3">
      <ip address="" netmask="" type="ipv4"/>

3.3 Reserve Topology

  1. Using your favorite tool (Jacks, jFed), reserve the generated RSpec (siteX.xml) at the aggregate listed on your worksheet.
  2. Wait for the topology to come up.


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