Tutorial: Introduction to the !NDN Future Internet Network Architecture

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Wednesday 01.30pm - 03.30pm

Tutorial Instructors

Alex Afanasyev
Steve DiBenedetto

Agenda Details


  • A GENI account, if you don't have one sign up!
  • Familiarity with how to reserve GENI resources with any of the GENI Tools (GENI Experimenter Portal, Omni, Flack). If you don't know you can take any of the tutorials:
    • Reserving resources using Flack tutorial
    • Reserving resources using Omni tutorial
  • Familiarity with logging in to GENI compute resources.

Please Arrive With:

A Laptop

How to get Help

  • Always ask your tutors (tutorial helper/presenter/TA) first. They are the fastest way to solve the problem.
  • Send mail to the GENI help list: or the geni-users forum
  • If you want to chat real-time with other GENI users and ask questions, join us in a GENI chatroom.


Tutorial materials


git clone or download the tutorial instructions and code templates from:

Please follow the instructions contained in the README.


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