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    2828== Agenda / Details ==
    30 Information on upcoming GENI based coursework will be presented/demonstrated.  Participants are encouraged to give feedback to those developing the coursework.
     30A panel of instructors will talk about their experiences using GENI in their classroom.  Panelists have been asked to address as many of the following topics as possible:
     31    - Classes you have taught on GENI and when you last used GENI in a class
     32    - About these classes: Grad/ugrad, class size, anything distinctive about this class (e.g. largely under-represented groups, etc)
     33    - How you used GENI: You/TA running experiments in the classroom to demonstrate concepts, in-class assignments, take-home assignments?
     34    - Did you use of any of the exercises on the GENI web page?  If so, which ones?   Any comments/suggestions on these exercises such as their correctness, relevance to the networking curriculum, ways in which they may be improved, etc.?
     35    - Did you develop your own exercises to use on GENI?  If so, what were they about?
     36    - Did you or your TA take advantage of training sessions at the GECs/summer or winter camps/Train-the-TA webinars?   If so, were these useful and do you have suggestions for improving them.
     37    - What were the major challenges faced by your students?
     38    - What were the major challenges faced by you as an instructor?
     39    - What did you expect the  benefits would be to incorporating a testbed such as GENI into your teaching?  Were these benefits realized?
     40    - If you were to use GENI again, is there something you would do differently?
     41    - Suggestions for courseware you'd like to see on GENI
     42    - Suggestions for instructor tools, help pages, etc. you'd like to see.
     45     Zongming Fei - U. of Kentucky
     46     John Geske  - Kettering U.
     47     Deniz Gurkan - U. of Houston
     48     Yaoqing Liu - Clarkson U.
     49     Derek Meyer - U. of Wisconsin
     50     Rob Ricci - U. of Utah