GENI in the Education


Tuesday 10.30am - 12.30pm

Session Leaders

Vic Thomas
GENI Project Office
Niky Riga
GENI Project Office

Agenda / Details

A panel of instructors will talk about their experiences using GENI in their classroom. Panelists have been asked to address as many of the following topics as possible:

  • Classes you have taught on GENI and when you last used GENI in a class
  • About these classes: Grad/ugrad, class size, anything distinctive about this class (e.g. largely under-represented groups, etc)
  • How you used GENI: You/TA running experiments in the classroom to demonstrate concepts, in-class assignments, take-home assignments?
  • Did you use of any of the exercises on the GENI web page? If so, which ones? Any comments/suggestions on these exercises such as their correctness, relevance to the networking curriculum, ways in which they may be improved, etc.?
  • Did you develop your own exercises to use on GENI? If so, what were they about?
  • Did you or your TA take advantage of training sessions at the GECs/summer or winter camps/Train-the-TA webinars? If so, were these useful and do you have suggestions for improving them.
  • What were the major challenges faced by your students?
  • What were the major challenges faced by you as an instructor?
  • What did you expect the benefits would be to incorporating a testbed such as GENI into your teaching? Were these benefits realized?
  • If you were to use GENI again, is there something you would do differently?
  • Suggestions for courseware you'd like to see on GENI
  • Suggestions for instructor tools, help pages, etc. you'd like to see.


Zongming Fei - U. of Kentucky - Slides
John Geske - Kettering U.
Deniz Gurkan - U. of Houston
Yaoqing Liu - Clarkson U. - Slides
Derek Meyer - U. of Wisconsin
Rob Ricci - U. of Utah - Slides



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