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Software Defined Optical Networking

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Sunday, 3.30pm - 5.00pm

Session Leaders

Ben Yoo
UC Davis

Agenda / Details

This session covers the role of optical software defined networks in the future cyberintrastructure. Speakers from industry, academia, government agencies will discuss opportunities and challenges covering applications, cross-layer architectures, and network control & management algorithms.


Activity Speaker
Overview: Optical Networking, SDN, and GENI Ben Yoo (UCDavis)
01_Mambretti_GENI Workshop on Programmable Optical 2014 V1.pdf International SDN Across the Globe J. Mambretti (iCAIR)
SDN/Openflow optical network on JGN-X testbed Hiroaki Harai (NiCT)
Optical Cyberinfrastructure and GENI J. Bryan Lyles (NSF)
Optical SDN Monga June 22 2014.pdf Multilayer Multidomain Optical SDN Inder Monga (ESnet/DOE)
2014.1.pdf Optical and Wireless SDN Vishnu Shukla (Verizon)
SDN Data Centers, Optical Networks Loukas Paraschis (Cisco)
service chaining-geni-2014.pdf Optical Service Chaining by combining optics, SDN, and NFV Ming Xia (Ericsson)
Panel Discussions All: (moderated by Ben Yoo)



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