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Tuesday 1.30pm-3:30pm

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Session Leader

Heidi Picher Dempsey
GENI Project Office

Agenda / Details

This session includes updates on current engineering and integration activities with GENI racks and resources at campuses, regional and national/international networks. There will be a panel discussion on SDN Exchanges, followed by GMOC, OpenFlow and GENI Ops Monitoring updates. This is a working session for GENI operators, network engineers, and network management developers.


1) Multi-domain SDN Exchanges

This continues the discussion in previous GEC operations sessions about mechanisms for implementing SDN Exchanges. This will cover current SDN exchange projects in GENI and potential new exchanges with other national and regional testbeds that support SDN.


Russ Clark, Senior Research Scientist, Georgia Institute of Technology and Associate Director, Georgia Tech Research Network Operations Center (GT-RNOC) bio

Luke Fowler, Director, Software and Systems, Global NOC - Indiana University bio (click on photo)

Iara Machado, Manager, Technological Innovation Directorate, RNP (Brazil) contact info

Joe Mambretti, Director, International Center of Advance Internet Research at Northwestern University (iCAIR) bio

Inder Monga, Chief Technologist and Area Lead, Energy Sciences Network bio, collaborating with Chin Guok, Network Engineer, ESnet bio

Jerry Sobieski, Director for International Research Initiatives Americas and Asia Pacific, NORDUnet bio

2) GENI GMOC Update

Eldar Urumbaev
GENI Meta Operations Center

3) GENI monitoring, reporting, and alerting.

This is an interactive design discussion. We'll provide updates on monitoring work in progress by participating teams at University of Utah, RENCI, University of Kentucky, Internet2, the Mid-Atlantic Crossroads (MAX), and the GPO. There will be demos of current GENI monitoring and management tools.

4) OpenFlow and Plastic Slices updates and advice.

Josh Smift
GENI Project Office


Participants are usually directly involved in GENI operations, resource management, or development. Students and vendors with an interest in operations are also welcome. This is an *interactive* session, so please participate if you are in the room!

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