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GEC 17 Evening Demo Session



Sunday July 21, 2013 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Session Leaders

Heidi Picher Dempsey, GENI Project Office


The evening demo session gives new and existing GENI experimenters and projects a chance to share their work in a live network environment. Demonstrations run for the entire length of the session, with teams on hand to answer questions and collaborate. This page lists scheduled demonstrations categorized in broad interest groups.

Directions and Logistics

Please visit Directions and Logistics for attendee and presenter logistics information.


GENI Infrastructure and Measurement Projects

LEARN: GIMI Measurements to Detect Ping Attack

We will emulate a ping attack between 2 hosts and take measurements using GIMI. Once detected, a new flow definition will be added to deny pings.


GENI Experimenter Portal

Demonstrate the GENI Portal interface to the GENI Clearinghouse. We will demonstrate logging in to the GENI portal and creating and managing projects and slices (which are created at the GENI Clearinghouse). We will demonstrate reserving resources on the GENI racks directly through the portal and also via integration with a GUI resource reservation tool (Flack) and a command line resource reservation tool (omni). In addition, we may demonstrate modifying project and slice membership as well as integration with I&M tools (GEMINI & GIMI) if possible.


Global Network Monitoring Based on Mininet Approach

Poster presentations.



The ExoGENI team will demonstrate the latest features of ExoGENI and ORCA control framework.


  • Ilya Baldin, RENCI, Ilia Baldine

The GENI Desktop

The GENI Desktop provides users with the ability to visually "see" their experiment/topology and also to invoke a variety of different tools to create, run, measure their experiments.


Security and Data Exchange Projects

LEARN: Software-defined distributed security

Deployment of a distributed firewall implementation by vArmour on GENI. An application steering server will convert firewall rules into flow entries so that the load on firewall units is reduced.


Experiments and Education


This is a combined ExoGENI/GIMI demo that will show how GIMI can be used to observe an experiment that is carried out on an ExoGENI slice. I will demonstrate the GIMI portal and its instrumentation and measurement services.


LEARN: OFConfig Protocol: visualization of the management plane in OpenFlow/SDN networks

We will implement a demo with a Network Manager that runs a Netconf client in order to push/pull configurations to/from LINC switches using OFConfig Protocol. We will help display the management plane interface with OFConfig parameters for LINC switches.


Wireless Projects

Lehigh Video Mobility

Demonstrate mobility support feature for streaming video service in Lehigh's content centric network.


  • Mooi Choo Chuah, Lehigh University

Multi-homing support in MobilityFirst FIA

The name based message delivery system based on global unique identifiers (GUID) implemented in MobilityFirst? makes it possible to offer seamless mobility and multi-homing services without the problems associated with today’s IP. In this demo we will show how an Android phone equipped with two different interfaces (WiFi? and WiMax?) attached to MobilityFirst?'s network could easily exploit this feature to enhance the capabilities of mobile applications. More information on MobilityFirst? FIA project can be found at


WiMAX Lab Course at NYU-Poly

Demonstration of open wireless lab exercises utilizing GENI WiMAX resources


WiMAX Prototyping in Metro Detroit

We will demonstrate the GENI-enabled OpenXC platform as well as its application in vehicular sensing and control. We will also share our comprehensive measurement results for the WiMAX network in Detroit.


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