OpenFlow Tutorial in GENI

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Obtain Resources : Create a slice with a small OpenFlow testbed

Create a slice

Create a GENI Slice
  1. Go to the Home tab.
  2. Press the Create Slice button for this project.
  3. The slice name should be of the form oftut##, you can leave the description empty and press Create Slice

Reserve Resources at ProtoGENI Utah

Now we are going to reserve our resources that include, one host that will be our OVS OpenFlow switch and three VMs that will be the hosts that are connected to this switch.

WARNING: In order to pace the reservation of resources, please only reserve when you are given a "blinking ball" by the tutorial instructor.

We have uploaded an Rspec called OVS Tutorial, make sure to pick that and pick as an Aggregate ProtoGENI Utah

Create a GENI Project
  1. Go to the Slice page and press the Add Resources button. Complete the form as shown in the picture on the left and press the Reserve Resources button. Reserving the node at the aggregate may take awhile (in excess of 30 seconds). Do not reload the page or press the back button while waiting.

Wait until your resources are ready

It takes some time for the nodes to boot.

  1. Return to the Slice page. Press the Resource Status button in the slice toolbar.
Status at both aggregates
  1. The rows for Utah ProtoGENI should say READY against a green background and look as shown on the left.
  2. If it does not say READY, wait a few minutes and refresh the page periodically until it does.

Next: Configure the OpenFlow switch and Run simple experiments

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