In this tutorial we are going to run more advanced experimentes in GENI, using the Omni command line tool. We are going to take advantage of the Layer 2 links between nodes and run also non-IP experiments.

Before we start with the Omni tutorial, please follow these steps:

  1. Login to the VM
  2. Run Firefox
  3. Open all bookmarks under the AdvOmni bookmark folder
  4. Open a terminal window

In this tutorial we assume that you are already familiar with Omni, if you have never heard of Omni before please let us know. Go ahead and setup the environment in the VM for using Omni by following the first three steps of the Intro To Omni Tutorial.

Tutorial Format

This tutorial is going to be different than the Intro to Omni tutorial. We will start by doing an experiment all together, to get you all acquainted with the mesoscale setup and the different topologies you have available. After that we are going to split up into groups and each group is going to work on a different experiment. If you finish one experiment you can move to another group and do another experiment as well. Although each group will work with a different experiment, there are some basic functionalities that all experiments will go through :

  • Install scripts. How to automate the setup of your experiment using install scripts
  • Multiple users. How multiple users can have access to the same compute resources
  • Remote execution. How you can use a machine to execute commands in all your nodes and orchestrate an experiment.


There are three exercises in these tutorial:

  1. Mesoscale Topologies. This is the experiment we will do all together. It is a very simple experiment just to remind your omni commands and get you acquainted with Mesoscale.
  2. Click Experiment. In this experiment you are going to use click software routers to write your own non-IP router and route your packets in a multipath topology.
  3. Layer 3 OpenFlow Deflection. In this experiment you are going to use OpenFlow to deflect traffic from a remote server to a local one.

Wrap up

Congratulations, you have finished the tutorial! Now you are ready to design and run your own experiments. Don't hesitate to email us with any questions you might have.

Fill out the tutorial survey

We love to hear what you think so that we can improve the tutorials in the future. Please complete the online survey and get a temporary GENI tatoo!

Get Your Own Account

The accounts, that you used in the above steps will be deactivated after the tutorial. If you do not already have an account at GPO's ProtoGENI cluster, you should can follow these instructions to get an account and start using GENI.

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