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International Federation


Tuesday, 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm

Session Leaders

  • Larry Landweber, GPO and University of Wisconsin, co-chair
  • Paul Müller, University of Kaiserslautern, co-chair
  • Aki Nakao, University of Tokyo, co-chair
  • Chip Elliott, GPO
  • Mark Berman, GPO

Agenda / Details

In this session, we will discuss steps towards building an ongoing international collaboration to facilitate federated interoperation among testbeds and provide experimenter access to testbed and connectivity resources for use in multi-continent experiment designs. Several presenters will discuss available resources, after which we will have an open and informal discussion to identify the next concrete steps to take towards federation and establish a small working group to advance this process.

  • Welcome
  • Martin Swany, Indiana University
  • MyungKi Shin, ETRI
  • Mauro Campanella, GARR Consortium
  • Serge Fdida, University Pierre and Marie Curie
  • James Sterbenz, University of Kansas
  • Aki Nakao, University of Tokyo
  • Julio Ibarra, Florida International University
  • Joe Mambretti, Northwestern University
  • Discussion

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