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GENI Aggregate Manager API Revisions


Tuesday, 10:00 am - noon

Session Leaders

Aaron Helsinger and Tom Mitchell, GENI Project Office

Agenda / Details

The GENI Aggregate Manager API was revised at GEC12, when we adopted AM API version 2. This session will seek agreement on several additional proposed changes to the API. These changes include multiple small changes to expose additional aggregate functionality and ease the job of experimenter tools. Then we will discuss larger future changes, such as adding support for UpdateSliver to dynamically add or remove resources from your slice, and tickets to support negotiated reservations. All the proposed changes are documented on the GENI AM API draft revisions wiki page.

Nominal Agenda:

  • Getting to AM API v3: Aaron Helsinger (slides)
  • "Minimal" AM API v3 changes: Aaron Helsinger
  • Proposals "on the bubble": Aaron Helsinger
  • Discussion on AM API v3
  • UpdateSlivers: Aaron Helsinger
  • Tickets: Aaron Helsinger
  • ProtoGENI perspective: Jon Duerig
  • Alternative proposals: Nick Bastin
  • Discussion
  • Next Steps

Note: The Coding Sprint session on Thursday afternoon will be used to further specify some of the changes discussed here.

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