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    3232Ivan Seskar (WINLAB) and Harry Mussman (GPO) [[BR]]
    34 or utilize existing campus Educational Broadband Services (EBS) license.   [Note:  Rutgers needs to know the frequency band you will be using by 11/30/11 so that they can pace the order for Airspan base station hardware;  you should receive Airspan base station hardware from Rutgers by 1/31/12.  (2510 Lo:  2496MHz to 2570MHz)  OR  (2510 Mid:  2560MHz to 2630MHz)  OR  (2510 Hi:  2620MHz to 2690MHz) OR (3650: 3650MHz to 3700MHz)]
     34Airspan/Rutgers will provide a kit including:
     35Airspan MacroMAXe profile-C WiMAX base station unit, for outside mounting[[BR]]
     36  Choice of frequency: 
     37  (2510 Lo:  2496MHz to 2570MHz)   [[BR]]
     38  (2510 Mid:  2560MHz to 2630MHz)  [[BR]]
     39  (2510 Hi:  2620MHz to 2690MHz)  [[BR]]
     40  (3650: 3650MHz to 3700MHz)]  [[BR]]
     41Sector antenna, with x4 RF jumper cables
     422x4 MIMO, supported by base station and antenna
     43GPS antenna, with surge suppressor and cable
     44DC power cable, from base station unit (outside) to testbed (inside)
     45Network management software license, 1 per base station
     47Campus will need to provide:
     48Pole for mounting
     49DC power supply (-48v, approx 300W)
     50Ethernet cable, from base station unit (outside) to testbed (inside)
     51Windows server to host network management software
     52Linux server to host OMF software
     53Ethernet switches, and other network equipment, for access (configuration to be provided)       
     55Additional kits can be purchased from Airspan
     56  Price is approximately $15,000.
     58It is expected that additional base stations kits can be purchased by GENI in Spiral 5.
     59  Thus, campus site might be able to add additional sectors, at no cost.
     60  Planning for next year will be done later this year.
     62Or, you may
    3764=== 3.2)  WINLAB/Rutgers University Site Extension Plan ===