Tutorial: Experiment workflow using Sface and Raven


Andy Bavier, PlanetWorks and Scott Baker, SB-Software


Wed 1:00 - 3:00 pm


This hands-on tutorial will illustrate the use of the Sface desktop GUI to set up and run GENI experiments. Participants will use Sface to discover the available resources, and add and remove resources for a slice. After the slice has been instantiated on the resources, participants will use the Raven tool to package an experiment and deploy it into the slice. The Raven tool is integrated with Sface and allows for a seamless transition from slice management to experiment management. Finally, participants will check Raven's monitoring component (Owl) to verify that the experiment has been deployed, and we will discuss how result collection could also be done using Owl.



Please arrive with:

Laptop with VirtualBox ( installed.




After completing this tutorial, you will be able to use Sface/Raven to configure slice resources, deploy experiment code, monitor the experiment, and collect results.

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