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Aaron Helsinger, GENI Project Office


Wed 1:00 - 2:30 pm

Dial In

866-453-5550 Participant pin: 6513886#


In order to truly allow interoperability among multiple control frameworks and aggregates, GENI requires a common language for describing resources, resource requests, and reservations - a single, well defined RSpec schema. The community will discuss progress on adopting common ontologies for GENI resources, and making aggregates speak ProtoGENI V2 RSpecs as the GENI Rspec format.


  • Introduction and Status - Aaron Helsinger (20 minutes) slides
    • GEC10 Review
    • AM API Draft Revisions
    • GENI RSpecs rollout status and experiences
    • Future Work
  • RSpec Translator - Ilia Baldine (5 minutes)
  • Network and Compute Ontologies - Ilia Baldine (15 minutes)
    • Description
    • Adoption
  • Invited Viewpoints on Ontologies
  • Discussion - All (10 minutes)
  • Conclusion - Aaron Helsinger (10 minutes) slides

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