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     53== TUNIE: A Flexible and Programmable Virtualized Network Innovation Environment in China ==
     55Yong Li, Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University [[br]]
     58    Network community needs a flexible platform for network experiment of new architectures, algorithms and protocols in the research of network innovation. However, building such a platform faces lots of challenges due to its complicate requirements. In this poster, we present TUNIE, a network testbed for rapid concurrent experiment of network innovation on virtualized programmable infrastructure in China. !ExpoNet provides end-to-end slice including wired and wireless components, which integrates both software- and hardware-based router virtualization technologies to provide a flexible approach to configure and customize both the control plane and data plane while satisfying various experiment requirements. In the wireless part, we have a sensor testbed including 100 wireless sensor nodes, and a !WiFi testbed. In the wired part, we have setup one !OpenFlow network, and two virtualization testbed based on multi-core servers and FPGA data plane. In our current platform implementation, we have four sites, two sites in Tsinghua University, one another university of BUPT, and one in China Union, one of the largest Service Providers in China. We have setup a Federation plan to extend our platform with other Universities and companies like HUST, Huawei, etc.
     60More Information: [[br]]