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    1919 * Heidi Picher Dempsey, GPO, representing GENI operators (10 mins)
    2020  * Lessons learned and missing pieces gleaned from early GENI operations
     22==== Meeting Summary ====
     23===== Mark Berman: Experimenter Tools - Taxonomy and Coverage =====
     25Mark Berman described a taxonomy of experimenter tools:
     26 * Resource discovery and experiment configuration
     27 * Long-lived experiment maintenance
     28 * Software distribution
     29 * Instrumentation
     31Mark also gave his assessment of which areas are reasonably well covered by existing tools (eg. Gush, Flack, Raven, omni), and which areas need more attention. See [attachment:wiki:GEC11NewTopics:NewTopicsExperimenters.pdf Mark's slides] for more details and a coverage analysis within that taxonomy.
     33Mark also discussed the need for an ongoing dialog between aggregate developers and tool developers to develop a useful set of APIs for both groups.
     35===== Harry Mussman: Integrate I&M Work Products =====
     37Harry Mussman described three ways that GENI developers could leverage the work of the I&M group:
     38 * Use available I&M tools and services to instrument GENI infrastructure
     39 * Use the User Workspace and Digital Object Archive services for all objects associated with an experiment, not just measurement data
     40 * Adapt the MDOD schema, including "transaction logs", to track assignment of resource objects in an Aggregate Manager to an Experimenter
     42See [attachment:wiki:GEC11NewTopics:NewTopicsInstAndMeas.pdf Harry's slides] for more details and an overview of the I&M effort.
     44===== Heidi Picher Dempsey: Tools to Improve Operations =====
     45Heidi Picher Dempsey suggested seven areas of new work that would be beneficial to GENI Campuses and Operations, and described each in detail.
     46 * Resource Access and "Opt-in"
     47 * Resource Isolation
     48 * Experiment Topology
     49 * Emergency Stop could use an automatic programmed interface to GENI components
     50 * Relating GENI URNs to people
     51 * Relating all GENI "objects" is too hard
     52 * Security and data privacy for sharing and monitoring
     54See [attachment:wiki:GEC11NewTopics:HPDNewTopics.pdf Heidi's slides] for more details.