New Topics


Tom Mitchell, GENI Project Office


Wed 2:30 - 3:00 pm


This session will survey outstanding software and architectural issues to inform software development priorities for GEC12 and beyond. GPO staff will give short presentations on different perspectives of GENI to advise the software development community.

(Joint with Campus and Software Track)


  • Mark Berman, GPO, representing the experimenter community (10 mins)
    • Experimenter tools
  • Harry Mussman, GPO, representing the Instrumentation and Measurement community (10 mins)
    • Applying I&M tools and APIs to GENI infrastructure
  • Heidi Picher Dempsey, GPO, representing GENI operators (10 mins)
    • Lessons learned and missing pieces gleaned from early GENI operations

Meeting Summary

Mark Berman: Experimenter Tools - Taxonomy and Coverage

Mark Berman described a taxonomy of experimenter tools:

  • Resource discovery and experiment configuration
  • Long-lived experiment maintenance
  • Software distribution
  • Instrumentation

Mark also gave his assessment of which areas are reasonably well covered by existing tools (eg. Gush, Flack, Raven, omni), and which areas need more attention. See Mark's slides for more details and a coverage analysis within that taxonomy.

Mark also discussed the need for an ongoing dialog between aggregate developers and tool developers to develop a useful set of APIs for both groups.

Harry Mussman: Integrate I&M Work Products

Harry Mussman described three ways that GENI developers could leverage the work of the I&M group:

  • Use available I&M tools and services to instrument GENI infrastructure
  • Use the User Workspace and Digital Object Archive services for all objects associated with an experiment, not just measurement data
  • Adapt the MDOD schema, including "transaction logs", to track assignment of resource objects in an Aggregate Manager to an Experimenter

See Harry's slides for more details and an overview of the I&M effort.

Heidi Picher Dempsey: Tools to Improve Operations

Heidi Picher Dempsey suggested seven areas of new work that would be beneficial to GENI Campuses and Operations, and described each in detail.

  • Resource Access and "Opt-in"
  • Resource Isolation
  • Experiment Topology
  • Emergency Stop could use an automatic programmed interface to GENI components
  • Relating GENI URNs to people
  • Relating all GENI "objects" is too hard
  • Security and data privacy for sharing and monitoring

See Heidi's slides for more details.

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