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Session Leader

Ilia Baldine, RENCI


This meeting will seek agreement on a proposed single common RSpec format for GENI. In order to truly allow interoperability among multiple control frameworks and aggregates, GENI requires a common language for describing resources, resource requests, and reservations - a single, well defined RSpec schema. Currently, each control framework has its own custom schema, often evolved incrementally as needs have changed. Over the years, the community has met to discuss the various alternative approaches, and their relative merits. But now it is time to make a decision and move forward. In recent weeks that discussion has become more focused. Several key stakeholders have debated various alternatives. In this meeting, they will present a proposal for a way forward resulting from this discussion, the alternatives, and open the meeting for discussion.

Background Reading

Orca RSpecs:
NDL (Orca RSpec schema):
NDL Schema:
XML vs RDF analysis by NDL team:
ProtoGENI RSpecs description:


  • Introduction and Background - Aaron Helsinger
  • Proposed Solution - Ilia Baldine
  • NML - Martin Swany, University of Delaware
  • NDL - Jeroen van der Ham, University of Amsterdam
  • Implications and Alternatives - TBD
  • Discussion (all)
  • Summary and Wrap Up - Aaron Helsinger

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