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First DFG/GENI Doctoral Consortium Poster Repository

Please upload posters (pdf format preferred), and add information to the table below.

Consortium Attendee Institution Additional Authors Poster
Oliver Hanka University of Munich Using the HiiMap Mapping System as a Public Key Infrastructure
Michael Jarschel University of Würzburg Daniel Schlosser, Sebastian Meier, Marco Hoffmann, Klaus Hoffmann, Tobias Hossfeld, Ashiq Khan, Wolfgang Kellerer, Andreas Kirstädter, Stefan Köhler, Hans-Jochen Morper, Matthias Schmid COntrol and Management of COexisting Networks (COMCON)
Christian Gottron University of Darmstadt Robust Routing in Mobile Peer-to-Peer Systems
Christian Mannweiler University of KaiserslauternAndreas Klein, Joerg Schneider Seamless Wireless Access to the Future Internet
Martin Becke University of Duisburg Essen Multi-Path Transport
Alexander Marold University of Duisburg Essen G‐LAB DEEP Security New
Florian Liers Illmenau University of Technology Forwarding on Gates
Dan Levin TU BerlinAndi Wundsam, Srini Seetharaman, Anja Feldmann OFRewind Enabling Record and Replay Debugging in Networks
Christian Henke TU BerlinProf. Dr. Thomas Magedanz, Carsten Schmoll Multi-Hop Packet Tracking
Konrad Campowsky TU Berlin FIRE Resource Federation
Hans Wippel Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) Hierarchical Node Management for Future Networks
Karthikeyan Karur Balu Rochester Institute of Technology Bo Li, Kaiqi Xiong The Performance Evaluation of Intra-domain Bandwidth Allocation and Inter-domain Routing Algorithms for a QoS-guaranteed Routing Path Discovery
Ilker Ozcelik Clemson University Juan Deng, Richard Brooks
Richard Brooks
Assessing the Sensitivity of WiMAX Parameters to MAC-level DoS Attacks
DDoS Attack on GENI
Aaron Gember University of Winconsin Aditya Akella Secure Opportunistic Mobile Application Offload for Enterprise Networks
Kang Chen Clemson University Haiying (Helen) Shen, Kuang-Ching Wang , Ke Xu [GENI Experiments on P2P, MANET, WSN Networks
Ezra Kissel University of Delaware Martin Swany GENI Experiments in Optimizing Network Environments using XSP
Lokesh Mandvekar University at Buffalo Chunming Qiao Socially Aware Single System Image
Nairan Zhang University of Wisconsin C.-Y. Huang, P. Ramanathan Mobile Gigabit Wireless Access
Nikhil Hadigol Stanford University Srini Seetharaman, Mario Flajslik, Aaron Gember, Vjekoslav Brajkovic, Ramesh Johari, Nick McKeown, Guru Parulkar, Aditya Akella, Arvind Krishnamurthy, Nick Feamster Load-Balancing as a Network Primitive
Rohit Patali Ohio State University Prasad Calyam, Mukundan Sridharan, Alex Berryman Resource Allocation in Virtual Desktop Clouds: VMLab-GENI Experiment
Ashiwan Sivakumar Purdue University Shankaranarayanan P N, Mohammad Hajjat, Sanjay Rao Emulating cloud dynamics for performance sensitive applications using GENI
Victor Valgenti Washington State University Divya Giri, Ruma Paul, Haiqin Liu, Carl Hauser, Min Sik Kim GridStat on GENI: Simulating a Smart Power Grid Infrastructure over GENI
Ashish Vulimiri University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign P. Brighten Godfrey Source Routing
Yudong Gao (will not attend) University of Michigan (with DOCOMO USA Labs) Z. Morley Mao, Pradeep Padala, Ulas C. Kozat Infinity: In-Network Storage for Mobile Devices
Ilker Ozcelik Clemson University Richard Brooks DDoS Attack on GENI
Xiong Xiong Lehigh University Mooi Choo Chuah [attachment:PosterXiong.pdf Intentional Named Messages Delivery for Disruptive Tolerant Networks

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