ExoGENI post GEC13 Status Report

Period: 11/11-03/12

  1. Major accomplishments

Purchased the first two racks (partially filled,waiting for availability of newer hardware) and deployed them at RENCI and BBN. Used the racks in GEC13 tutorial (along with other ORCA-controlled resources).

  1. Milestones achieved
  1. Deliverables made
  1. Description of work performed during last quarter
  1. Activities and findings
  • Defined ExoGENI rack architecture in consultations with GPO
  • Developed additional ORCA software to run on the defined architecture stack (OpenStack for compute substrate control and OpenFlow for VLAN slicing [pending availability of hybrid mode from the vendor])
  • Deployed ORCA on the racks and in global infrastructure, as well as the associated tools (e.g. updated NDL-OWL/RSpec converter) to support the project
    • Deployed Nagios installation to support ExoGENI monitoring needs. Nagios has been customized to support the specific ExoGENI software stack with code being reported back to Nagios community.
  • Held discussions with the GPO about the various aspects of architecture and operations (e.g. deployment, monitoring, emergency procedures, acceptance testing)
  1. Project participants
  • Jeff Chase (Duke) and Ilia Baldine (RENCI) co-PIs
  • Jonathan Mills (RENCI)
  • Brad Viviano (RENCI)
  • Chris Heermann (RENCI)
  • Bonnie Hurst (RENCI)
  • Victor Orlikowski (Duke)
  1. Publications (individual and organizational)
  • Paper describing ExoGENI vision and architecture accepted for publication at Tridentcom 2012
  1. Outreach activities

  • Held a tutorial at GEC13 for experimenters using ExoGENI infrastructure
  • A number of 'early-bird' users have been allowed on the testbed
  1. Collaborations
  • iGENI
  1. Other Contributions


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