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Project Title

Bringing Experimenters and External Connectivity to GENI
a.k.a. DTunnels, BGPMux

Technical Contacts

Principal Investigator: Nick Feamster
BGP Mux Lead Designer: Vytautas Valancius
Student Developer: Yogesh Mundada -

Participating Organizations

School of Computer Science, Georgia Tech


This project will (1) add facilities and functions to the VINI testbed to enable experiments to carry traffic from real users; and (2) increase the experimental use of the VINI testbed by providing a familiar experiment management facility. The deliverables for this project all comprise software for supporting external connectivity and flexible, facile experimentation on the GENI testbed. The primary deliverables are a BGP session multiplexer – a software router based on the Quagga software routing suite, software support for virtual tunnel and node creation, and integration of the above functionality with clearinghouse services developed as part of the ProtoGENI project.

In particular, this project contributes to GENI design and prototyping through BGP mux development integration with ISPs; tunnel & topology establishment & management; ProtoGENI clearinghouse integration; and support for isolation & resource swapout.


MilestoneDate(DTunnel: BGP Mux 0.1 sw release)?
MilestoneDate(DTunnel: EGRE tunnel & node instantiation v0.1 sw release)?
MilestoneDate(DTunnel: Demo at GEC)?
MilestoneDate(DTunnel: ProtoGENI-compatible clearinghouse extension)?
MilestoneDate(DTunnel: ProtoGENI-compatible component manager extension)?
MilestoneDate(DTunnel: BGP mux operations with PSGnet)?
MilestoneDate(DTunnel: Make BGP mux and tunnel software available)?
MilestoneDate(DTunnel: Integrate experiments with undergraduate courses)?

Project Technical Documents

White paper on BGP Mux: mux.pdf
Note on how to configure Quagga to be a BGP-Mux: mux-readme.pdf
BGP Mux Experiment Plan (version: June 2009) mux-plan.pdf

Notes on OSPF and EGRE tunnels: OSPF.txt

Presentations and Demos

Project presentation from GEC3: OptIn WG bgp-mux-gec3.ppt
Demo at GEC4: demo-gec4.pdf
Presentation for demo at GEC4: wiki:DTunnels:bgp-mux-presentation.pdf

Current Mux Deployments

  1. Georgia Tech:
  2. PSG - Westin Seattle -


DTunnel maintains an open software repository at
Login: geni-user Passord: dtunnel!

Quarterly Status Reports

1Q09 Status Report | 4Q08 Status Report

Spiral 1 Connectivity

The DTunnel system is installed in the VINI testbed at Georgia Tech using addresses from their IP address space. The BGPMux part of this project will eventually require external connections and addresses that are not part of VINI address space. Actual addresses for this phase are TBD. Details of IP connectivity with PSGnet for the BGPMux part of this project is TBD. Layer2 virtual ethernet connectivity is not required for this project.

GPO Liason System Engineer

Aaron Falk Aaron Falk

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