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Agenda for Cluster D Meeting on July 2, 2009:

Cluster D meeting to review Spiral 2 roadmap, and discuss Spiral 1 completion tasks, per attached files. (which have been updated)

Thursday, 7/2, 10am - 4pm

At BBN Technologies, Cambridge

Conference bridge: 866-453-5550 (or direct to 404-974-9843)

651 3886#

Webex has been arranged for the meeting

Ilia Baldine Yes Jeff Chase phone

Brian Levine Yes Mark Corner No Brian Lynn Yes

Prashant Shenoy Yes Michael Zink Yes David Irwin Yes

Anish Aurora Yes Rajiv Ramnath no Hongwei Zhang no

Keren Bergman phone Franz Fidler phone

Notes from meeting, with some merged in below.


10:00 Introductions and agenda review

10:05 Review of Cluster D Spiral 1 goals and completion tasks, as defined on June 11.

See attached word document and power point file

Also updated dcoument after this meeting

10:15 Review of Spiral 2 GENI goals and Cluster D Spiral 2 Roadmap Process

(see attached power point files and, and attached current roadmap document

Next, each PI(s) will review their project. PLEASE bring no more than 6 slides to review:
1) Progress in year 1
2) Challenges in year 1
3) Progress towards integration with ORCA clearinghouse (broker) at RENCI per Spiral 1 plan (attached)
4) Progress towards connection of your facility with Internet2 backbone network (also NLR at RENCI)
5) Plans for experiments by outside GENI researchers by end of Spiral 1
6) Plans for Spiral 2 (year 2)

And, for each project, the GPO will review:
7) Current milestone status, using the wiki

10:25 ORCA/BEN project wiki slides (Ilia Baldine, Jeff Chase)

Progress against milestones

  • Planning to make ORCA a production capability for BEN; two issues: will the software work? and will there be sufficient documentation that people can use it?
  • Can ORCA be used to request connections to I2? Yes, working with Chris Tracy. More than one way to do it. Could create an ORCA AM for I2. Complicated by I2's work on their next-gen network architecture. Working with John Volbrecht at I2
  • Experimenters in mind for spiral 1? Mostly Keren Bergman, already share cluster & interests. More detail later today. Other experimenters will need patience and expertise. Plan to take a cautious approach.
  • Could move faster with more funding.
  • Could GPO help with documentation? Maybe a little but probably not.

11:00 DOME project wiki slides (Brian Levine, Mark Corner, Brian Lynn)

Connection to Internet2

  • In discussions with local OIT staff
  • Will connect to I2 directly via fiber from campus to Springfield to Boston, working in tandem with VISE team; requesting one VLAN ID, expecting little traffic; will have the capability to inject frames with VLAN tags

Experiments by outsiders

  • Have portal for job submission, one resource: wifi card, 900MHz radio coming next year; gets status; interfaces to ORCA
  • Experiments on Buses. DTN tolerant downloading of experiments to buses; dynamic creation of VM sandbox to execute experiments, includes partitions, networking, devices; scheduling of experiments based on ORCA leases
  • Instrumented measurements. Half the core is about remote management and diagnostics. Researcher data is uploaded automatically if certain file format is used.
  • Should compare DOME measurements to ORBIT
  • Should compare disconnected operation in DOME with ORBIT/WiMAX

Plans for Spiral 2

  • Goal is to deploy on buses this summer. 5-6 out of 40 buses in field per day.
  • Will bring on undergrad projects in the fall from "Intro to Networking" class. Imagine only 1 or 2 projects will get far enough to use the real system. Have a PhD graduating this year heading to Arkansas who is expected do experiments.
  • Plan to allow experimenters to access XTend radios
  • Want 'true and open access to testbed by experimenters'
  • Tutorials on how to use? May require some separate funding. Keren very interested in such a tutorial.
  • Concern about maintaining documents after publishing. This is made more difficult since the prototypes are rapidly evolving.
  • Concern that supporting users will delay system development because of the need to have a stable system. GPO thinks projects have latitude to define the level of stability and support that makes sense for them. Currently, GENI is in the 'exploratory prototyping' phase, likely that composition and design will change over time.
  • Anish: We've found that tutorials are good as a way to train PIs grad students and colleagues. There's a real cost to keeping it up but it is in general a good idea. What events would be a good fit? Having a pull from users helps a lot.
  • Chip: one approach is that folks want to use a remote system initially then make their own local copy. Anish: yes, that's our experience but doing 'cross-experiments' has been quite hard. Not clear what the benefit is to other users.
  • What are the GPO's incentives to get people to do experiments? Not much. The GPO doesn't sponsor research. This is what NSF does. The GPO sponsor trial experiments to help shake down the system.

11:30 ViSE project wikislides (Prashant Shenoy, Michael Zink, David Irwin)

  • Plans: Experiment Examples
  • Sensor-centric experiments. E.g., comparing fidelity from Furuno, Raymarine, MA1 (students from Peurto Rico) to focus on ground truth verification and long-term data collection with the UMass trace repository. Peurto Rico very interested in low-infrastructure radars due to its geography. Have a PhD student going back to PR, might be a good GEC grant candidate. Virtualization of these systems might be of great interest to engineering communities, not just networking. PR is developing a student testbed with tight collaboration with UMass.
  • Long-distance wireless experiments such as looking at wireless BW over long-distance. One REU and one UMass undergrad. Doing experiments now, would like to migrate to GENI.
  • Longer term vision. Connect sensed data to cloud-based storage and processing. Run complete experiments: sensing + storage + processing. BEN is applying for some processing; has a state project for micro-rain radar

12:00 Lunch

1:00 Kansei project slides(Anish Aurora, Rajiv Ramnath, Hongwei Zhang)

  • Challenges
  • NSF doesn't have a way to pay for operations costs. Might want to have a workshop or other organized forum educate CISE on operations costs.

1:30 Measurement project wiki slides (Keren Bergman, Franz Fidler)

  • Discussion on monitoring
  • Jeff: hyperic may be a good tool that uses ganglia to monitor VM status, can be extended to other things than VM; have a student working on this; looking for input as to whether this is a good direction.
  • Ilia: have looked at PCP for a monitoring system. some concern that Hyperic may have an uncertain future as it was acquired last month. Have indicated to GMOC that there is a strong preference to developing a SOAP interface
  • Heidi: need to think about what data you want to expose and share
  • Anish: Kansei has an interface for getting experiment and substrate status.

2:00 Discussion of Cluster D integration thru end of Spiral 1

Current summary view, combining all projects (see attached word document and power point file
What are the biggest challenges? What coordination process should be used?

2:50 Break

3:00 Discussion of Cluster D Spiral 2 roadmap tasks, grouped by Spiral 2 goals

(the attached current roadmap document which has been updated) Rating (H, M, L) of each for importance Rating (H, M, L) for each for difficulty How close are we to consensus?

  • Discussion of Spiral 2 Capabilities (see Harry's notes)
  • Chip: central goal of Spiral 2 is live experimentation; won't be easy; everything else is secondary
  • Experiments: Want to see experiments of end-to-end systems, e.g., matching networks with servers, sensors with clouds, content with buses, radars & buses
  • Identity management: DOME plans to plug into some foreign authentication manager. GPO plans to try to go to Shib & InCommon, since it looks like it might take hold broadly. Rough mental model is that in the early days, almost anybody can use this. Need ways to say 'these people are out' but probably don't need elaborate policies early on. GPO is interested in knowing whether folks believe moving to Shibboleth is a bad idea. Shib has been most successful for managing user access to a portal, seems good for GENI as far as that goes and that's what ORCA uses it for. What that user is allowed to do is another issue and not currently handled by Shib attributes. Shib is only starting to handle delegated authority, still early days.
  • Improved integration.
  • Need to improve distribution of keys to containers. Currently manual, ugly, error prone, requires documentation but will work until container reaches 10's. Currently no privacy. Could be added by using HTTPS on transport.
  • Measurements
  • DOME collects location information on buses but needs a solution on providing it to GENI users. Has also been thinking about longitudinal studies, Brian will send Chip a copy of a paper.
  • ERTM will prototype hardware, interface it with BEN, integrate with ORCA.
  • Interoperability. Want to avoid CF balkanization.

4:00 Adjourn

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