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Agenda for Cluster D Meeting on July 2, 2009:

Cluster D meeting to review Spiral 2 roadmap, and discuss Spiral 1 completion tasks, per attached files. (which have been updated)

Thursday, 7/2, 10am - 4pm

At BBN Technologies, Cambridge

Conference bridge: 866-453-5550 (or direct to 404-974-9843)

651 3886#

A webex has been arranged for the meeting:

  1. Go to
  1. Enter the meeting password: GENInow01
  1. Click "Join Now".
  1. Follow the instructions that appear on your screen to join the teleconference.

If you need any help with logistics, please contact Erin Keohane at or 617-873-8016.

PLEASE confirm to Erin or myself that you will be attending. Returns to date:

Ilia Baldine Yes Jeff Chase ?

Brian Levine Yes Mark Corner No Brian Lynn Yes

Prashant Shenoy ? Michael Zink Yes David Irwin Yes

Anish Aurora Yes Rajiv Ramnath ? Hongwei Zhang webex

Keren Bergman webex Franz Fidler webex


10:00 Introductions and agenda review

10:05 Review of Cluster D Spiral 1 goals and completion tasks, as defined on June 11.

(see attached word document and power point file

10:15 Review of Spiral 2 GENI goals and Cluster D Spiral 2 Roadmap Process

(see attached power point files and, and attached current roadmap document

Next, each PI(s) will review their project. PLEASE bring no more than 6 slides to review:
1) Progress in year 1
2) Challenges in year 1
3) Progress towards integration with ORCA clearinghouse (broker) at RENCI per Spiral 1 plan (attached)
4) Progress towards connection of your facility with Internet2 backbone network (also NLR at RENCI)
5) Plans for experiments by outside GENI researchers by end of Spiral 1
6) Plans for Spiral 2 (year 2)

And, for each project, the GPO will review:
7) Current milestone status, using the wiki

10:25 ORCA/BEN project wiki slides (Ilia Baldine, Jeff Chase)

11:00 DOME project wiki slides (Brian Levine, Mark Corner, Brian Lynn)

11:30 ViSE project wikislides (Prashant Shenoy, Michael Zink, David Irwin)

12:00 Lunch

1:00 Kansei project slides(Anish Aurora, Rajiv Ramnath, Hongwei Zhang)

1:30 Measurement project wiki slides (Keren Bergman, Franz Fidler)

2:00 Discussion of Cluster D integration thru end of Spiral 1

Current summary view, combining all projects (see attached word document and power point file
What are the biggest challenges? What coordination process should be used?

2:50 Break

3:00 Discussion of Cluster D Spiral 2 roadmap tasks, grouped by Spiral 2 goals

(the attached current roadmap document which has been updated) Rating (H, M, L) of each for importance Rating (H, M, L) for each for difficulty How close are we to consensus?

4:00 Adjourn

As you can see, we need to stick closely to this agenda if we are to finish with the information we need. And, PLEASE bring no more than 6 slides for each project.

Please send me your comments or questions. I am looking forward to our meeting on Thursday!



Harry E. Mussman Sr. Systems Engineer - GENI Project Office BBN Technologies 10 Moulton Street Cambridge, MA 02138 (617) 873-4282 - Office (781) 266-8479 - Mobile (617) 873-4888 - Fax

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