Project Status Report – July 2013

Period: 11/1/2011 – 10/31/2014

1. Major Accomplishments

The main accomplishments this quarter were: 1) publishing the proceedings of the Second GENI Research and Educational Experiment Workshop (GREE2013) through Conference Publication Service (CPS), a service of the IEEE Computer Society, 2) planning and holding the Second GENI Research and Educational Experiment Summer Camp (GREE-SC2013) at the University of Connecticut (UConn) on June 24 – 28, 2013, and 3) planning the Third GENI Research and Educational Experiment Workshop (GREE2014), to be held at Georgia Tech in March 2014, in conjunction with GEC19.

1.1. Milestones Achieved

Three major milestones were achieved during this period.

1) We have coordinated with the authors and CPS editor to publish and index the proceedings of GREE2013 into IEEE Xplore Digital Library, 2) we actively planed GREE-SC2013 that was held successfully at UConn, and 3) we have been actively planning to follow up with the students who attended GREE-SC2013, and have been actively planning and advertising GREE2014.

1.2 Deliverables Made

The past four months of work on ARPA-GENI have resulted in progress towards two deliverables: 1) GREE2013 publication through CPS publishing service, and 2) the various documents related to GREE-SC2013, including the handout and website for GREE-SC2013, the curriculum of GREE-SC 2013 (eight tutorials, NSF advice, and one keynote speech), camp participants’ team project presentations, and the pre- and post-evaluations of GREE-SC2013.

2. Description of Work Performed

2.1 Activities and Findings

We received 24 applications for GREE-SC2013. Among them, one is an international student, three are faculty/research scientists, one is an undergraduate student, and the rest of the 19 applicants are graduate students. We funded 11 students through the BBN/NSF grant. In addition, three applicants decided to participate in the workshop through self-support, leading to a total of 14 participants. Among them, thirteen are from the United States and one from Canada; eleven are graduate students, one is undergraduate student, one is research scientist, and one is faculty. In addition, three Ph.D. students at UConn attended the summer camp.

The curriculum of GREE-SC2013 included 8 tutorials, one keynote speech, and NSF advices to students. The tutorials were taught by GENI experts, consisting of eight instructors (from the GPO and five universities) and five Ph.D. students. Through the one-week intensive training, all the campers gained significant knowledge and hand-on experience of using GENI resources and tools. They were grouped into 5 teams for doing week-long projects. Each team did a good job presenting their results and future plan on the last day of the summer camp. GPO managers and staff joined with faculty and students to attend their project presentations.

According to pre- and post-evaluation surveys, the summer camp helped the participants improve their understanding of GENI resources significantly, from no/little knowledge to the level that they feel comfortable to conduct research experiments. All the participants indicated that they plan to continue using GENI resources after the summer camp (half of them will use GENI resources for research, and the other half will use GENI resources for both research and education), and will recommend the GENI summer camp to other students and faculty. Quoting from the student, “Thanks for hosting the great summer camp! I learned a lot.” More information of GREE-SC2013 is at

In addition to GREE-SC2013, we have coordinated with the authors and the editor of CPS to publish and index the technical program of GREE2013 into IEEE Xplore digital library. The process has been much longer than expected (it was completed in the week of July 15; the proceedings are expected to appear in IEEE Xplore by August 15, 2013). We have also started to make a plan for following up with the students who attended GREE-SC2013, and advertising GREE2014.

2.2 Project Participants

The Summer Camp Organizing Committee

Kaiqi Xiong (Rochester Institute of Technology)
Yong Guan (Iowa State University)
Yin Pan (Rochester Institute of Technology)
Bing Wang (University of Connecticut)
Mark Berman (BBN/GPO)
Niky Riga (BBN-GPO)

2.3 Outreach Activities

We worked with the CPS editor and the authors of GREE2013. The information of GREE2013 and GREE-SC2013 will be publicized in Momentum, the electronic news page of the School of Engineering of UConn.

2.4 Collaborations

Our main collaborations to date are with GPO staff. Mark Berman and Niky Riga at GPO served on the workshop and summer camp organizing committees.

We have a lot of communications with Henry Yeh, Niky Riga, and Mark Berman (through emails, skype calls, at GEC16 and GEC17) regarding the logistics of GREE2013 and GREE-SC2013, as well as the follow-ups with GREE-SC2013. Furthermore, we have a lot of communications with the instructors, teaching assistants and the keynote speaker of GREE-SC2013.

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