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FLARE and WiVi

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We will present FLARE (deeply programmable network node) and WiVi (deeply programmable WiFi access points). This time we will show the architecture design of them as well as applications, such as online video real-time transcoding and beaconcast (that is broadcast data communication via beacons).

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Thank you for your demo request. We will update this ticket when the resources have been confirmed.

I have reserved in total for both the FLARE and the VNode demos:

  • 4 tables
  • 12 power outlets
  • 6 poster stands

Please let me know if you need more of anything.

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We can now confirm that the resources you requested will be available for you at Demo Night.

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I misunderstood last year's demo. I have allocated 2.5 tables for this demo.

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Cc: Toshiaki Tarui <> added

This team also wants monitors, although Aki did not originally request them. We will follow up and see if it is still possible to get additional monitors.

I believe that the Vnode data connection to the demo floor they are discussing has already been thoroughly covered in the discussions with Rob and Tim about L2/L3 connections to the floor, assuming they have successfully communicated their requirements to Rob initially, so no followup is needed there.

Dear Heidi,

I'm Toshi Tarui from HITACHI, Japan. I'm working for VNode project.

I'd like to ask you about equipments for our GEC16 demo. Our demo booth name is 'FLARE and WiVi'.

We will have 2.5 tables and we plan to do 5 demos (VNode resource isolation, federation, packet cache, FLARE and WiVi). We'd like to ask you to provide following equipments:

(1) Number of AC connections: 6

These are required to power our FLARE switch, PCs and other equipments. We will bring power strips to distribute power but please provide 6 outlets to support those power strips.

(2) Number of wired network connections: 2 (one for each table)

We will bring small HUBs to distribute network.

Besides those regular internet connections, we are planning to extend VNode's special network (VLAN) to the demo site. (We are discussing with Rob about this.)

(3) Number of monitors: 4 (VGA, DSUB-15)

Sorry for requesting them so late but we would be very happy if you could provide two monitors for each table.

(4) Number of posters 4 (easels and boards)

Thank you for your help, and if you need further information, please contact me by email. We are looking forward to visiting Salt Lake City soon. Regards,

Toshi Tarui

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We can now confirm that you should have the power, networking, posters and 4 LCDs for use on the 3 tables we have set aside for FLARE, WiVi and VNode

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(Fixing a typo in the CC field, please ignore.)

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Cc: added; Toshiaki Tarui <> removed

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Thanks again for participating in the GEC 16 evening demo session! We hope everything went as planned!

Feel free to edit the wiki to update any information about your demo here - GEC16Agenda/EveningDemoSession

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