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Serval demo

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  1. We will demonstrate Serval, a new architecture and network stack built around a service access layer that sits between the network and transport layers. Serval is an evolution of the SCAFFOLD architecture that allows scalable and flexible service access on top of IP, making it compatible with the existing Internet. The service access layer allows applications to access diverse (and potentially replicated) services based on opaque service names instead of network addresses, enabling flexible service discovery while implementing the necessary signaling to maintain connectivity to services across events such as multi-homing, migration, and instance failures. Our demo of Serval will demonstrate a client running on a Smartphone, discovering and accessing local services on laptops using ad-hoc network connectivity.
  1. Our demo will use up to two laptops, one smartphone, requiring up to four AC connections.
  1. One wired connection required.
  1. We will run our demo in ad-hoc wireless mode.
  1. No static addresses needed.
  1. No projectors needed.
  1. One 40" High-Def Monitor with either VGA or DVI.
  1. One poster.
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Thank you for your demo request. We will update this ticket when the resources have been confirmed.

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We are relying on the hotel's commercial wireless network for a number of the demos. Does your ad-hoc network have any properties we should be aware of, i.e. do you know of any reason it is likely to interfere with other wireless networks operating nearby? It sounds from your request like a computer-to-computer network created by one of your laptops, which i don't expect to cause any significant interference. Is that interpretation correct?


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My guess is that interference would be minimal as the ad hoc network will only be between a couple of computers and should not carry much traffic. Also, if we know which channels the commercial network operates on we could try to select non-overlapping channels for our ad hoc network.

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GPO has confirmed that we can support your demo at GEC10.

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