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Exogeni stitching does not provide default bandwidth for site to site connection

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In a scenario where the ExoSM is used to request a site to site connection using ExoGENI Stitching via the GENI AM API Interface.

ExoSM used to default to 100Mbps when bandwidth is not specified for a link requested, this is no longer the case. The sliver has no bandwidth associated with its link and results in both VMs and links in an "unknown" state.

Temporary Workarounds:

1) Specify bandwidth on the link in the rspec:

  <link client_id="link">
    <component_manager name=""/>
    <component_manager name=""/>
    <interface_ref client_id="ig-gpo:if0"/>
    <interface_ref client_id="eg-gwu:if0"/>
    <property source_id="ig-gpo:if0" dest_id="eg-gwu:if0" capacity="20000"/>
    <property source_id="eg-gwu:if0" dest_id="ig-gpo:if0" capacity="20000"/>

2)Use the command line option to specify bandwidth:


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