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Network Troubleshooting with SDN Traceroute Protocol (SDNTrace)

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Demo Title:

One-sentence layman's description:

The demo shows a proposed protocol to trace flow paths on a given network composed of SDN/nonSDN network devices.

Who should see this demo?

Attendees who are interested in network engineering concepts such as network troubleshooting, operation of traceroute on SDN boxes should come by.

Demo description paragraph:

(a) A probe packet is formed to trace a layer 2 frame's path with a proposed SDNTrace protocol. The demo will show a northbound application that processes SDNTrace protocol packets on a network topology created on GENI using the VTS. (b) Network troubleshooting is an essential part of network engineers' job with tools such as traceroute, ping, and others. With NSF's investments to upgrade bandwidth and support more orchestrated large science transfers through SDN network devices on campuses, network engineers will be able to utilize our proposed protocol to achieve traceroute functionality. A tracing of paths over SDN network devices is challenging in current deployment experiences. Please see requirements page that inspired and drove this project from the needs assessment of network engineers at Internet2 Technology Exchange meeting in October 2014: Meeting Notes from BoF at TechExchange2014 In addition, a project charter has been published on the Internet2's SDN workgroup page, open for comments and participation in the project from the community: SDNTrace Project Charter Page on Internet2 wg-SDN

List of equipment that will need AC connections (e.g. laptop, switch, monitor):

Laptop, monitor.

Total number of wired network connections (sum standard IP and VLAN connections):


Number of wired layer 2 VLANs (if any): Specify VLAN number, if known, approximate bandwidth, and whether tagged or untagged.


Number of wireless network connections (include required bandwidth if significant):


Number of static addresses needed (if any):


Monitor (specify number, standard/large, and VGA/DVI):

1 Standard (VGA)

Specify resolution only if your software has resolution restrictions.


Number of posters (max size poster boards are 30" x 40"):


Special requests: Include any specific network connectivity needs (e.g. VLANs to a particular GENI location, projects you'd like to be near, etc.)

Near VTS demo (with Nick Bastin) since he is one of the lead on this demo.

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Thanks for the demo submission, we should have no problem providing you with the resources you've listed.

Of note, NSF will be looking at this wiki page, so please feel free to update if you notice any errors or wish to update your demo description. We will be updating the page as often as possible.

See you in Illinois!

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Thanks for coming out to GEC. Feel free to update the wiki page with any additional information.

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