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milestone 1e completion

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Priority: major Milestone: DOME: 1e Implement, integrate and document a first release (v1.0) of the software
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Per 2Q09 QSR:

  1. Adding DOME-specific functionality to ORCA.

In order for ORCA to schedule DOME resources, we needed to implement two components and integrate them into ORCA. The first component was the DOME controller. The controller provides an XML-RPC interface for requesting leases. Once the controller has received an external lease request, it makes a request of ORCA to reserve the resources. The controller also handles events from ORCA regarding the state of the ticket. The second component is the handler. The handler is responsible for notifying the DOME resource pool of the lease activation ("join") and termination ("leave"). ORCA instigates these events by executing DOME ant scripts, which invoke tasks that initiate XML-RPC calls.

  1. Integrating ORCA with the DOME GENI portal.

We have added an ORCA component to the DOME portal that we are developing for GENI. The portal is the interface a researcher uses for reserving DOME resources; it shields end users from the specifics of ORCA. The portal makes XML-RPC calls to the DOME ORCA controller to request leases. The portal additionally makes calls into the controller to get the status of tickets. The portal exports XML-RPC interfaces to be called by the DOME ORCA handler when leases are initiated or terminated. The portal maintains information about pending and active leases, and updates state when notified by ORCA. Besides providing the user interface for researchers, the portal is accessed by the DOME nodes located on the buses. One interaction between the bricks and portal is to download experiment to the buses. The portal uses its knowledge of active and pending leases to assign download priorities to experiments. The bricks query the portal to find out if a lease has been granted or revoked in order to schedule experiments.

  1. Adding ORCA lease support to the mobile nodes.

We have developed software for the bricks to make use of the download priorities assigned by the portal. The priorities are used for choosing an experiment to download, and for garbage collection if available disk space falls below a threshold. We have also developed software for the bricks to launch and terminate experiments as leases are granted or revoked. The bricks also provide information to the portal that can be used by end users, such as what experiments have been successfully downloaded and launched.

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Per Year 1 final report;

Summary The purpose of this document is to summarize the status of DOME's fiscal year-end milestones and mark the completion of Year 1. Milestones Milestome 1e: Implement, integrate and document a first release (v1.0) of the software for your mobile nodes (bricks), your centralized server, and web-based experiment control software, to provide basic virtualization and experiment control functions, including ORCA GENI-compliant control framework. (12mo) Milestone 1f: Demo basic virtualization and experiment control functions in your testbed, and at a GEC. (12mo) Milestone 1g: Contingent upon available budget, provide a VLAN connection from your testbed’s server to the Internet2 backbone network. (12mo) Milestone 1h: Collaborate with O&M team on methods to share your O&M data with other GENI groups for Spiral 1. (1-12mo) Milestone 1i: Collaborate with Security team on security design for Spiral 1. (1-12mo) Milestone 1j: Specific contribution to GENI outreach plan required for Spiral 1: Host an “NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates Site”. (1-12mo) Milestone 1e: Implement, integrate and document a first release This has been completed. The GENI DOME implementation has been installed on all buses. The DOME Portal is up and available at: The documentation for DOME is available at: Specifically, the primary documentation is available at: Software, including examples. can be found at: We have completed the Year 1 development and documentation of DOME. We will announce the availability of DOME to the GENI community before the end of the month.

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