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GENI Cinema

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Project Name: GENI Cinema

GENI Cinema is a live video streaming project under development by Clemson University and the University of Wisconsin. The goal is to allow users in the GENI community to host live events and allow other users to tune-in. The infrastructure is implemented using GENI resources at various GENI aggregates, and OpenFlow is used extensively within the GENI aggregates to provide a seamless and scalable streaming service to the end user, who can simply leverage the service via a web browser. The demonstration at GEC21 will show how multiple users can provide live video streams to the GENI Cinema service, and it will show how subscribers viewing a stream can easily switch from one feed to the next without breaking their sockets.

AC power for 4 laptops, 1 monitor, and 2 cameras (7 total)

Wired network connections: 6 L2 VLANS: 0

Wireless network connections: 0

Static IP addresses: 0

Monitor: 1 VGA or DVI monitor (32" standard is fine)

Poster: 1 30"x40"

Special Requests: Our demo will require use of the Indiana GENI rack. Ideally, we would like to have at least one raw PC available for us to use. If one isn't available or cannot be guaranteed, VMs will work but likely will limit our performance. In addition, we will need to be able to send packets to the public IP of a machine in the Indiana GENI rack from clients, meaning we need to have some number of ports open in the firewall. If there is a predefined set that is already open, we can simply use those.

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Thanks for the demo request. We should have space for you in Indiana.

I'll see what we can do about a physical host.

I don't know about their firewall, what kind, how many ports will you need open?


comment:2 Changed 10 years ago by Ryan Izard

The firewall I'm referring to is that going into the InstaGENI rack at Indiana. Are ports above a certain number open by default for InstaGENI? At Clemson InstaGENI, any TCP port above 30,000 is open. If Indiana is configured similarly, that would work great!

Our demo will have 2 video streams going into a GENI VM/raw-PC's public IP at Indiana. We would like to have a pool of clients be able to connect, view, and switch between the videos. The ports required for the clients would depend on the number of clients who choose to connect (people at the GEC). We could set an upper cap for the demo. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think we said 200 would be a good number.

If that's the case, we would need 202 TCP ports open in the Indiana InstaGENI firewall. If that can't be done, we can use Clemson InstaGENI remotely at the cost of some additional latency.

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Hi Ryan,

The Indiana rack is called MOXI-ig. The MOXI rack is not production yet (although it is very close) and so is not listed in the portal. Is that ok? The MOXI rack also does not support stitching.

The MOXI rack has no firewall so the ports you mentioned should be open.

Currently both Raw PCs at MOXI-ig are free. You can tell if they are free by looking at the graphs on this page.

comment:4 Changed 10 years ago by Ryan Izard

Hi Sarah,

MOXI-ig sounds great, since we do not need stitching for this demo. Can I use the URN at this page to reserve the resources?



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Hi Ryan, you should use the URL on that page and it should work just fine.

Also, it looks like we added the nicknames for some non-production racks to omni. So you can use the nickname moxi-ig if you'd like.

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Please send an email to our Admin, Zhenya Henderson -, with the names of all the participants of your demo tonight.

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Thanks for joining us in Bloomington this year. We hope everything worked as you expected. Don't hesitate to offer any suggestions.

Please feel free to update / append the wiki page for the Demo Night here:

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