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Expand the SCS wiki with basic design details

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The SCS wiki page should be expanded with details to support a review:

  • design (key components, algorithms)
  • implementation (required software, language, pointer to SW in version control)
  • known issues
  • etc

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comment:1 Changed 11 years ago by

In the Network Stitching Architecture Discussions found several pages that talk about and show examples that are RSpec V2 and with no mention of RSpec V3 support.

Pages should be updated to reflect current support is for RSpec V3.

comment:2 Changed 11 years ago by

Information on Network Stitching pages needs to more clearly clarify supported options.

The page in the section "SCS Implementation" states:

Routing profile option allows explicitly specify list of aggregates/nodes/ports/links the SCS request wants to include in or exclude from resulting paths

I interpreted the above to mean that I can exclude or include for "aggregates/nodes/ports/links" rather than what is currently implemented "hop_include_list" and "hop_exclude_list ".

Also in the same section another bullet states:

A request may also exclude a range or series of VLAN tags from any hops in geni_routing_profile.

I interpreted the above as one can only "exclude" VLANs, include is not supported.

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