Milestone ProtoGENI: Support experiments on ProtoGENI cluster

Completed 15 years ago (09/11/09 11:12:30)

Keep the evolving ProtoGENI testbed available to GENI users, starting with backbone connections, including operational staff, and maintain use records.


The ProtoGENI facility is open for users. All users of Emulab testbeds that have joined the ProtoGENI federation have ProtoGENI accounts that they may activate themselves, and all users are accepted by all sites that are part of the federation. A tutorial on using ProtoGENI can be found here:

The ProtoGENI Slice Authorities, Component Managers, and Clearinghouse maintain records about what slices have been created, what slivers are bound to those slices, and when they are released. A Spiral 2 milestone will make this information easier to retrieve.

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