Milestone ProtoGENI: L2 control in backbone nodes

Completed 15 years ago (09/15/09 08:42:33)


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Establish L2 connections within the ProtoGENI backbone network, using a clearinghouse built from evolving ProtoGENI (Emulab) control software, and demonstrate non-IP connectivity.

Milestone completed:

We have now successfully swapped in an Emulab-style experiment on the equipment of ours that has been installed in the Internet2 POPs. This includes provisioning of L2, native Ethernet, links between nodes, both within individal POPs and across POPs. It also includes provisioning entire PCs (including disk loading, software installation, account creation, etc.) The software stack on the PCs is totally under control of the user, so any protocol stack that can run on top of Ethernet can be used on these provisioned


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