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RSpecs: Manifests: Include more info

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There is other information you could convey in a manifest RSpec. It would be nice.

  • Node location
  • Interface MAC address
  • Interface IP, netmask, type
  • Link->property, link type

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Ilia says most of these are not available at the AM (or are reported elsewhere).

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Using version "ORCA Dungeness:" on the NICTA rack was able to verify that the manifest now shows " Location", "MAC address", "Interface IP", "netmask", and "type":

<location country="Unspecified" latitude="-33.89533" longitude="151.19708"/>    

<interface client_id="VM-3:if0" mac_address="fe:16:3e:00:24:8a">      
<ip address="" netmask="" type="ipv4"/>      

Did not find "Link->property" , and "link type" information.

Ilia would like to know what we expect to find in the link property and type. Aaron??

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A sample link property from a manifest:

<property capacity="100" dest_id="ig-gpo1:if0" latency="0" packet_loss="0" source_id="pg-utah1:if0"/>

Note that capacity default units are kbps.

I wouldn't worry about link type, unless you want to make it meaningful for you.

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Using 'ORCA Dungeness:' on the University of Houston aggregate was able to verify that the manifest now includes:

<location country="Unspecified" latitude="29.72327" longitude="-95.34269"/>    
<interface client_id="VM-1:if0" mac_address="fe:16:3e:00:68:41">      
<ip address="" netmask="" type="ipv4"/>      

There are still no link properties. Ticket remains open for link properties request.

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