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Attempts to create slivers are failing at BBN SM, ExoSM, and RENCI SM

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Priority: major Milestone: EG-EXP-6
Component: AM Version: SPIRAL5
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Tried to create slivers a the BBN SM, ExoSM and RENCI SM, but each did not work. Attempts to create slivers at each hung on the sliver create call and never completed. Several slivers were attempted (lnexo,delegSlice), each requesting a simple 1 VM topology.

Following is one scenario where the request had been running for 15 minutes:

INFO:omni:Slice expires on 2012-10-03 12:48:19 UTC
INFO:omni:Substituting AM nickname am-undertest with URL, URN unspecified_AM_URN
INFO:omni:Substituting AM nickname am-undertest with URL, URN unspecified_AM_URN
INFO:omni:Creating sliver(s) from rspec file ./request.xml for slice

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ExoSM, BBN SM, and RENCI SM also not responding to listresources requests.

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The createslivers are still hung 45 minutes after the createsliver request.

The listresources at each of the SMs (BBN, RENCI, Exo) have all failed with the following error:

 No resources from AM . (Error from Aggregate: code 2: Error encountered converting NDL ads to RSpec via converter service: Unable to contact/use any of specified NDL-RSPEC converters at, 

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NDL converters ran out of memory again. We will have to debug. I think we will begin our maintenance half a day early.

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Resolution: fixed
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There have been many experiment run and have not run into the problem of the NDL converter running out of memory. Closing ticket.

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