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Requesting a resource that is being allocation to some other sliver causes other sliver to fail

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Ran a test case which requested the 1 bare metal resource while it was being allocated to a separate sliver. This request caused for the other existing sliver request to fail.

Here is an outline for this failure:

  1. Created 1st sliver with 1 bare metal node and 1 VM.
  2. While the 1st sliver was being created (about 1 min after step 1) created a 2nd slice.
  3. Created a 2nd sliver requested for the same bare metal node and 1 VM.


The 2nd sliver request never failed, it quickly reported success and a sliver manifest. The sliver status showed the bare metal as "Ticketed" and remained in this state.

The 1st sliver creation continued to run for about 5 more minutes and then failed with the following error:

Result Summary: Failed CreateSliver for slice errors at  Error from Aggregate: code 2: Request id: null
Embedding workflow ERROR: 1:Insufficient resources or Unknown domain:! Requested: baremetalce:1. 

Shouldn't the bare metal be unavailable, while the 1st sliver is being created?

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As the user that has created the 1st sliver which failed, requesting a sliver status after the failure reports:

Failed to get SliverStatus on errors at AM Error from Aggregate: code 2: ERROR: unable to get slice status for

The sliver should not exist after the failure, right? Expected the sliverstatus to

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Could you please re-test and see if this remains valid?

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Sure trying it now.

"Luisa" :-)

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Resolution: fixed
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Tried several times to request a bare metal node while it was being provisioned to another slice, and each time got back an appropriate failure "Insufficient resources for specified". Also each conflicting request did not impact the sliver creation that was already in progress.

This problem is solved, closing ticket.

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Apologies for the misspelling. ;)

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