15:00 Ticket #65 (Slow logins on BBN IG PG VMs) created by jbs@bbn.com
When I create a PG VM on the BBN InstaGENI rack, logging in to it is …
14:56 Ticket #64 (DNS for PTR zone) created by jbs@bbn.com
It looks like boss.instageni.gpolab.bbn.com isn't serving the PTR zone …
12:11 Ticket #61 (getversion does not return a code_tag version) closed by lnevers@bbn.com
fixed: Verified that getversion now returns a code_tag: […] Closing ticket.
10:43 Ticket #63 (incorrect or wrong component_manager_id results in unreported bad ...) created by lnevers@bbn.com
Created a sliver with 2 VMs using the "routable_control_ip" tag, the …
07:32 Ticket #62 (rspeclint for sliver manifest reports unkown namespace) created by lnevers@bbn.com
A sliver manifest does not pass rspeclint and reports: […] …
07:18 Ticket #61 (getversion does not return a code_tag version) created by lnevers@bbn.com
The omni getversion command does not return a code tag as it does for …


10:55 Ticket #52 (Failing to create a four-node InstaGENI sliver during GEMINI testing) closed by johren@bbn.com
10:54 Ticket #51 (Cannot log in to some InstaGENI nodes) closed by johren@bbn.com


15:44 Ticket #44 (Several VMs are not accessible after their sliver is shown as ready) closed by lnevers@bbn.com
fixed: Significant improvements have been made in this area. Numerous …
15:41 Ticket #49 (Capture documentation and the process required to make a custom VM ...) closed by lnevers@bbn.com
fixed: The https://users.emulab.net/trac/protogeni/wiki/ImageHowTo describes …
15:27 Ticket #53 (Several slivers have VMs in geni_status "notready") closed by lnevers@bbn.com
fixed: Recently have set up as many as 25 slivers each with 4 VM and all node …
14:56 Ticket #60 (Unable to access aggregates in the InstaGENI rack) closed by lnevers@bbn.com
fixed: On 11/20/12 2:40 PM, Jonathon Duerig wrote: > This was due to an …
07:34 Ticket #60 (Unable to access aggregates in the InstaGENI rack) created by lnevers@bbn.com
Unable to access FOAM and AM in the InstaGENI rack: […]
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