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Document names of things in racks

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There should be a page where a site admin could find out the names of the various things in their rack; especially the things that aren't in public DNS, like the fact that the control plane switch is "procurve1", the dataplane switch "procurve2", etc. (Or possibly those things should have better names.) But also things like the fact that there's a 'control' node, which has four VMs named 'ops', 'boss', 'foam', and 'flowvisor', how the experimenter nodes are named, etc.

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I mentioned this in e-mail a while ago; here's a ticket.

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Milestone: IG-ADM-1

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Leigh says:

From: Leigh Stoller <> 
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        things in racks 
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2013 11:37:10 -0800 
> #85: Document names of things in racks  
Hi All. See ...  

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See ...

Ooh, nice. A couple of things about that page, only some of them actually related to this ticket, but while I'm here...

  • "Is there a serial cable connecting the node in slot U34 to the HP 2620 in slot U41? It might be connected to the switch in slot U36. If so, reconnect it to the 2620. (Will the same cable work?)" -- for us it did. We should look for this at Northwestern, since I installed the cable here at BBN -- we should make sure the cable that HP ships in their rack will work with both switches.
  • "Control Switch: This is how the rack connects to the external world and is called procurve1." and "Data Switch: This switch connects all of the internal network interfaces and is called procurve2." -- Do we really want to call these "procurve1" and "procurve2"? I thought those might be placeholders, but if those are the long-term names, I guess that's ok.
  • "telnet to procurve2" -- You can also SSH, if people like that better, although it shouldn't matter much if it's all on the internal network.
  • ...but not to procurve1, apparently -- when I try, I get a splash screen, then "Received disconnect from 11: Too many authentication failures." (when I try 'ssh operator@procurve1' or 'ssh manager@procurve1') Shrug.
  • "The password is contained in /usr/testbed/etc/switch.pwd" -- On ours, it's /usr/testbed/etc/switch.pswd.

In any case, this page definitely addresses the things in this ticket, so I'll go ahead and close it out.

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