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Create Emergency Stop documentation for InstaGENI aggregates

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Stealing the ticket description from a previous email...

We will need Emergency Stop documentation as part of the IG-ADM-7 acceptance test. The specific wording for the deliverable is: "Procedure for performing a shutdown operation on any type of sliver on a rack, in support of an Emergency Stop request." Completing this documentation task is also a prerequisite for performing IG-ADM-4.

We don't have any sort of deadline for the document, but ideally the procedure would have been documented and walked through before we deliver any racks to non-developer sites.

The kinds of things we are looking for in the document are as follows:

  • How to take a GENI URN as input and map it to resources on the rack that can be shut down
    • Slice URN
    • User URN
    • The GMOC is also willing to pass you data in other forms if they have the information that you want available
  • The list of hammers (small-to-large) that a site administrator has when performing an Emergency Stop
  • How to get the rack back to a known state with minimal disruption after an Emergency Stop

If you are feeling ambitious, please add any other notes that you deem useful for a shutdown. At this point, it is OK to list mostly big hammers and iteratively update this document as time permits. Note that the GMOC's emergency stop workflow for this spiral is available on their website, and you can use that as a reference for the procedure that you are defining.

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An initial version of the document has been created by Leigh at We will iterate with them to see if there are any obvious changes, and then we will work on the IG-ADM-4 acceptance test to see if there are any other issues that need addressing.

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