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creating a sliver with one raw-pc and one VM fails with a "Could not verify topo" error

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Using an rspec that includes 1 VM and one raw pc results in a create sliver failure that reports:

  Result Summary: Slice expires within 1 day(s) on 2012-05-02 19:13:25 UTC
Asked to reserve resources. No manifest Rspec returned. Could not verify topo 

Following is the RSpec used, which passes rspeclint:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<rspec xmlns=""
       type="request" >

 <node client_id="VM" component_manager_id="" exclusive="false">
    <sliver_type name="emulab-openvz"/>
    <interface client_id="VM:if0">
  <node client_id="PC" component_manager_id="" exclusive="true">
    <sliver_type name="raw-pc"/>
    <interface client_id="PC:if0">
  <link client_id="lan0">
    <component_manager name=""/>
    <interface_ref client_id="VM:if0"/>
    <interface_ref client_id="PC:if0"/>
    <property source_id="VM:if0" dest_id="PC:if0"/>
    <property source_id="PC:if0" dest_id="VM:if0"/>
    <link_type name="lan"/>

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On 5/2/12 5:52 PM, Leigh Stoller wrote:

Okay, why don't you try this one again please ... I think it will work.


Just re-ran the sliver creation with the 1 VM and 1 raw pc rspec and was able to create the slivers. I then tried to login to the hosts and ports assigned:

'hostname': '', 'port': 30010
'hostname': '', 'port': 22,

but is does not work for the VM:

lnevers@sendaria:~$ ssh
[lnevers@pc ~]$ exit
Connection to closed.

lnevers@sendaria:~$ ssh -p 30010
ssh: connect to host port 30010: Connection refused

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On 5/2/12 6:48 PM, Leigh Stoller wrote:

Odd, I just tried it and it worked. Can you ping pc2 for me, and tell me what the IP address is?

{98} boss$ sudo ssh -p 30010 Last login: Thu May 3 02:45:17 2012 from [root@VM ~]#

I just tried to login again and I can exchange traffic between the hosts. Sorry, I did not wait long enough. This problem is solved. Closing ticket.

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